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About us


Who we are

Creativia was founded in Finland by Miika Hannila in 2012. Today, we are a fully remote team based in the US, Australia, Finland and India.

miika hannila portrait picture
Miika Hannila, CEO
petteri hannila portrait picture
Petteri Hannila, Layout Design
elizabeth love portrait picture
Elizabeth N. Love, Editor
ds williams portrait picture
D.S. Williams, Editor
harsh shah portrait picture
Harsh Shah, Admin

What we’ve achieved

  • #1 Bestsellers in all major Amazon categories (Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Historical Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Westerns, Nonfiction)
  • Book translations to 9 foreign languages
  • Featured in high-profile newsletters such as BookBub and eReader News Today
  • Average reviews of 4.2 – 4.3 stars in Amazon marketplaces


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