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Pushing the boundaries of publishing since 2012


Publish independently and professionally, on your own terms.

For authors

Creativia is a Rapid Versatile Publisher (RVP), combining the professionalism and quality of traditional publishing with the creative freedom of independent publishing. To date, we have published over 40 bestselling novels.


We take pride in the transparency of our business – there are no hidden fees or small print. Join Creativia today and take your writing career to the next level.

For readers

Discover unique, extraordinary stories for your Kindle​. We have something for everyone.

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Brian L. Porter, Amazon bestselling mystery author

brian porter author photo

Creativia Publishing, specifically in the form of CEO Miika Hannila, is a breath of fresh air in the often confusing and ever-frantic world of publishing in the 21st century.

Having worked with a number of publishers in the past, it is refreshing to have found Creativia, who do not look down their noses or behave in a superior manner towards the authors who are, in fact, the source of their income. Not that all publishers do this, but I’m sure most authors will have met many who do.

Miika Hannila is a pleasure to work with and Creativia Publishing can only go from strength to strength if they continue with their current business model.

Robin Murphy, Amazon bestselling mystery author

robin murphy author photo

Signing on with Miika and the Creativia team was the smartest decision I ever made. Not only have my books reached a readership audience I could only dream of, but my first book, Sullivan’s Secret, made it to #1 on Amazon Kindle. All of my books have ranked higher than ever expected and my covers continually receive high praise. I struck gold.

On top of all that, I have come to learn some of the kindest fellow authors at Creativia. Not only are they amazingly talented, but they’re warm, friendly, and hilarious. We have a great little community to share some of our proudest moments and frustrating disappointments. There’s nothing better than to receive the support this group offers.

I look forward to a great future with Creativia. If you haven’t submitted your manuscript, don’t delay. You won’t find a more professional and personal relationship with a publisher than with Miika and the Creativia team.

J.M. Northup, Amazon bestselling YA fiction author

Creativia not only gives me the ability to publish my books without paying exorbitant amounts of money, but with professional editing, formatting, and cover art!  I get to retain control over my work and rights to the intellectual property, while getting incredible marketing and promotional support!  Furthermore, I have access to other authors, allowing me to share ideas, receive inspiration, find guidance, and ask for advice.  Creativia is more than just a publisher, it’s a family!

Signing on with Creativia has been a huge blessing in my life!  Not only have I learned a lot about my chosen profession, but I have made connections to some amazing people!  My book sales are soaring and I just feel so fulfilled and I believe it is all because of Miika Hannila and my Creativia family!  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!